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Statistics indicating major trends

  • Our of the hospital acquired infections (that affect 1 in 20 patients), what percent are surgical site infections? 17%
  • Approximately what percent of surgical infections are caused by patients own bacterial flora? 80%
  • How many extra days do surgery acquired infections keep patients in hospital for, on average? 8 days%
  • Approximately what percent of people who underwent surgery for back pain, still experience chronic pain several years later? 30%

A brief summary

Major problems to avoid


  • Surgical wound infections are a substantial risk and cost the community millions of dollars every year.
  • Simple basic procedures like staff washing their hands before touching patients and patients washing their body with soap and water before surgery, are proven to reduce surgical infection risks substantially. Yet overall, there is little focus on managing the basics of hygiene.
  • Surgery to treat common problems like chronic pain often fail to fix the problem, while causing unnecessary costs and risk of infections.

Positive things to seek out


  • Smart wound dressings are coming on to the market that can sense and report on infections.
  • Governments and insurers are withdrawing funding for patients care due to hospital acquired infections. This is forcing hospitals to change their practices.

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