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Blog posts about avoidable errors and high costs

Statistics indicating major trends

  • Across the OECD, How much less do General Practitioners get paid, compared to Medical Specialists? 50%
  • What percent of primary care doctors say hospitals fail to notified them, when their patient are admitted to Emergency or discharged from hospital? 66%
  • What percent of US Primary Care Doctors say they are not equipped to manage the rise in elderly people with chronic diseases? 25%
  • What percent of primary-care doctors aged 35 to 49, stated during a survey that they planned to leave their practices within five years? 30%
  • In a recent study, what percent of physicians surveyed stated that they are burned out? 46%

A brief summary

Major problems to avoid

Primary health care provides the most cost effective form of population healthcare, and overall, provides the highest outcomes. Yet it is remains Cinderella of the bloated, billion dollar health industry.

Primary Care Physicians are paid less than half the wage of Medical Specialists. In Australian their reimbursement rate is controlled by governments, they often operate as small businesses, spend a lot of time doing paperwork and face a rising tide of regulations.

They are often not advised when their patients are admitted to hospital, or give information about follow up after specialist treatments.

They do not have the resources available to large teaching hospitals, from allied health teams to specialist nurses and clinical pharmacists.

They deal on a day to day basis with patients who are aging, have chronic conditions, often take multiple medications and require coordination of tests and treatments from a range of different providers.

Positive things to seek out

Medical teleconferencing and on-line payments can help both Doctors and patients connect in a more cost-effective and efficient manner.

Artificial intelligence will help guide Doctors towards more accurate diagnosis, and reduce medication and treatment errors.

Cloud-based clinical practice software can take over the time wasting and complex tasks of billing, regulations and red tape.

Booking platforms are now connecting families directly with home carers, making community support easier to find and pay for.

Qualified nurses and clinical pharmacists can take on some of the Medical Practice workload.

Integrating Medical Practice software with social media style contacting can keep patients in touch with their Doctor in a way that is easy for both parties to manage.

The new health technologies are being sorted into verified lists by a range of providers, making it far easier for Doctors to find appropriate smart devices and apps to help patients manage their conditions.

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