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Statistics indicating major trends

  • Approximately what percent of prisoners in America, have some kind of a mental health illness? 50%
  • What percent of courts in the USA use jail time to punish non-compliance with treatments? 66%
  • What percent of homeless people are estimated to have a mental illness – USA study 25%
  • What percent of patients seeking treatment for a minor injury at a teaching hospital’s emergency department had a psychiatric condition? 15.6%
  • By approximately what percent is life expectancy reduced, for people who have a serious mental illness? 15%

A brief summary

Major problems to avoid


  • Serious mental illness is one of the highest risk factor a person can face, and can reduce people’s life expectancy by 10 to 20 years.
  • People with mental illness are a major user of Emergency departments, homeless shelters, drug and alcohol rehabilitation, the courts and prisons.
  • Non compliance with medications is high, with over 50% of people not taking medications because they did not believe they had a mental illness.
  • Uncontrolled psychosis has been linked to a subsequent decline in mental functioning or IQ.

Positive things to seek out


  • A wave of new diagnostic assessments and treatments for mental illness is currently being trialled. These include electrical implants, software assessing rapid eye movements, chatbots powered by Artificial Intelligence and genetic testing to assess the most effective drug treatments.
  • Mental illness is now being discuss in social and mainstream media, losing it’s stigma and being viewed as a scientific problem to be solved.


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