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Interview with David Lester

10 AUGUST, 2017 Inaccurate diagnostic tools Lack of epilepsy specialists Portable, accurate diagnosis and monitoring technology Wikihospitals - Today I'm introducing David Lester from NIESM, an Australian entrepreneur. David, welcome to Wikihospitals.  David, perhaps...

Interview with Kunal Kalro

12 NOVEMBER, 2017 Genetic testing Big data Variations across different races Wikihospitals: I'd like to introduce Kunal Kalro, co-founder of Eugene and serial founder of many other start-ups, and also repeated Entrepreneur in Residence. Kunal, welcome to...

Statistics indicating major trends

  • What percent of older people have been found by a USA study to be taking at least 1 unnecessary medication? 50%
  • What percent of people dying in the USA have diabetes listed as the underlying cause of death? 14%
  • What percent of all stroke survivors are left unable to walk independently? 22..5%
  • Approximately what percent of delirium (severe confusion) occurs in surgical patients over the age of 65? 30%
  • What percent of people with persistent hypertension are not taking their prescribed medications? USA 20%

A brief summary

Major problems to avoid


  • Managing medications is the number one issue for medical patients. Non compliance and over servicing waste money and cost lives.
  • Rehabilitation after major events like stroke and heart attacks is often delayed, not completed or never even attempted.
  • Despite elderly people forming the majority of hospital patients and suffering from unique issues, there are few aged care specific hospital programs in place.

Positive things to seek out


  • Platform as a Service offers easy to use, off-site medical, allied health and rehabilitation services, that would otherwise not be affordable or available.
  • Money and research is going into medication compliance, and this problem will improve as a result.
  • Public campaigns like ‘Choosing Wisely’ are raising awareness among Doctors of the need to avoid over servicing.

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