Medical Specialty



A smart inhaler, smart spirometer and app to help maintain compliance, monitor progress and share results.

An electronic stethoscope, ECG monitor and cloud based software

Voice recognition technology able to identify deteriation in respiratory disease using smart phone.

A hand-held smart device that is as accurate as a professional spirometer, and attaches to a smart phone.

Small sensors that attach to asthma medications, sync to a smart phone app which helps monitor medication compliance.

Using a smart phone mic and the sound of a patient coughing, it can help an off-site Doctor diagnose a respiratory condition.

A device that attaches to a smart phone, and allows it to record peak flow readings.

Smart devices, apps and cloud-software to help increase medication compliance for asthmatics and people with COPD

A hand held machine that detects Nitric Oxide levels in expired breath, to give a more accurate reading of asthmatics lung function.