Medical Specialty



A hand held device that generates a medical grade ECG/EKG.

Small, stick on sensors that can be applied to various parts of the body to monitor a range of physiological factors

A platform that collects data from medical internet of things devices, and provides accurate data.

An artificial heart with a single moving part

A watch like device that captures blood pressure readings

An on-line cardiac rehabilitation platform

A USB gadget, mobile application and cloud servics

App for smart watch to measure heart rate every 5 minutes

Cloud-based ECG analysis software powered by Artificial Intelligence

An electronic stethoscope, ECG monitor and cloud based software

A smart phone app that uses the phone camera to diagnosis AF and other irregularities.

An easy to use clinical decision support tool, to keep medical treatments consistant and up to date across different providers.

A stand-alone smart watch that monitors cardiac function and allows people to call for help in an emergency

A remote cardiac monitoring service, using a small smart device, cloud platform and cardiologists to review the data.

A wearable patch that records continuous cardiac rhythm for up to 14 days

A small hand held device that can measure pulse, rhythm and blood pressure.

Two small devices that can monitor pulse, oxygen, heart rate and blood pressure, then sync and translate the data to a smart phone app.

Software to help cardiologists to quickly and accurately check and record pacemaker results.

A web-based platform planning to bring cardiac rehabilitation to people unable to attend on-site services.

A mobile health company producing wireless, medical grade cardiac and vital sign monitoring.

A home bathroom scale that can assess Pulse Wave Velocity

Three smart cardiac devices that monitor blood pressure, weight and cardiac rhythm.

A smart ring that can monitors cardiac disease and other health issues, using inbuilt sensors

A smart phone attachment that allows Doctors to both hear cardiac and chest sounds, and visualise them.

A wired ECG monitor that connects to cloud cardiology service, which will quickly review and return a diagnosis.

Artificial intelligence software for echocardiograms is being trialled in the UK to give a more accurate diagnosis of heart disease.

A company that produces a range of hand-held monitoring devices, including cardiac monitoring.

A small, light cardiac monitoring device with a long lasting battery that can be worn for over a week

This product enables the patient’s own body to restore a new heart valve, using Endogenous Tissue Restoration.