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Blog posts about avoidable errors and high costs

Statistics indicating major trends

  • Discharge summaries found to be missing significant clinical information – Australian study 50%
  • Hospital discharge summaries found to have an incorrect diagnosis – Australian study 10%
  • GP referral letters found to have a written medication error for type 2 diabetic patients – Australian study 80%
  • Australians who have had a Government Electronic Health Record created for them 20%
  • Percent of GP clinics using the Government’s EHR system every week 0.01%

A brief summary

Major problems to avoid

Small hospitals that don’t have the money to buy modern technology and qualified, specialist staff to manage it
Outdated mentalities like ‘big data doesn’t matter’,  ‘Doctor knows best’ and ‘if it ain’t broke don’t fix it’
Smaller isolated hospitals and clinics, not closely related to Universities and committed to ongoing education

Positive things to seek out

Involving patients in their own data, with apps, smart devices and trials
Interest in social media and getting constant feedback from patients
Trials of home monitoring using home nursing services, robots, artificial intelligence and 24/7 monitoring

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