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Blog posts about avoidable errors and high costs

Statistics indicating major trends

  • What percent of patients admitted to emergency department are over 65 years of age? – Australia 21%
  • What percent of people admitted to Emergency Departments are in the last year of their life?– USA 51%
  • By what percent have Emergency Department admissions risen in the UK, over the past decade? 24%
  • What percent of admissions to Emergency Departments were classed as non urgent? – Australia 9%
  • What percent of Emergency Department admissions in the USA have 2 or more prior admissions in the past year? 70%

A brief summary

Major problems to avoid

  • Medication non compliance.
  • Not using 24/7 clinics and on-call Doctor services.
  • Failing to manage and monitor chronic disease properly.
  • Not planning for end of life, not making medical treatment plans.

Positive things to seek out


  • Medical teleconferencing.
  • Critical care home nursing services.
  • Social media aimed at elderly people and encouraging debate about elderly and end of life issues.
  • Hand-held diagnostic smart tools that record vitals signs, then sync to a cloud service and on-call medical services.

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