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Statistics indicating major trends

  • Percent of USA heart attack patients who aren’t taking their medications 41%
  • Percent of post coronary bypass graft surgery patients who don’t undertake cardiac rehab – USA study 31%
  • Percent of patients who suffer a heart attack, and had some warning signs (like chest pain, shortness of breath) in the month before 50%

A brief summary

Major problems to avoid


  • The largest proportion of health budget goes towards acute, in-patient hospital services.
  • However outpatient issues such as failure to identify early warning signs, attend post surgery rehabilitation and ensure medications are taken correctly affect up to half of all cardiac patients, with serious consequences.

Positive things to seek out


  • Platform as a Service and the Internet of Things are able to bring medical diagnosis, treatment reminders and rehabilitation services into people’s homes, via their smart-phone.
  • Surgical and medical cardiac treatments have been overall very successful in extending life spans.
  • The pressure on governments by rising health budgets is causing pressure for funding to be shifted from pay-per-service to payment-for-outcomes.

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