Industry problems,

Startup solutions

Startup solutions

“Let’s just prevent readmissions…”

20 SEPTEMBER, 2017 Medication non compliance Preventable readmissions Charbots and Avatars Peak15 is a Melbourne-based digital health reform group. They run monthly events on meetup, bringing together tech entrepreneurs, health professionals, community groups and...

The final pitches

11 AUGUST, 2017 Neuro rehab using Virtual Reality From Germany to Australia with Intensive Care Giving Carers a Voice The final participants of the Melbourne Health Accelerator Program winter program, are those who's end customer is ultimately the patient or their...

Duplex and Adyuvo

19 JULY, 2017 Ultra Violet light Robots Home monitoring Patient driven care The winter Melbourne Health Accelerator program is over half way through it's Winter curriculum. The pitches are much more focused and clear about who the customer is, and what the product can...

Paul Rylance from JKM Care Solutions

21 JULY, 2017 Emergency Departments Bed management Health startups I'd like to introduce Paul Rylands from JKM care solutions.  Paul, you've developed a wonderful tool to help doctors give their patients the care that they need to help hospitals manage their workload...

‘Take this app’

27 JUNE, 2017 Digital diagnosis Clinical validation Commercialisation As part of Melbourne Health Research week, the event 'Take this app and call me in the morning: The future of digital health technology prescribing' was held in the function centre of the Royal...

Aged care reinvented

At a recent Peak15 meetup, aged care providers showed more interest in quality of life for their elderly clients than trendy technology. They also passion for their work and a commitment for ongoing reform.

Intensive Care looks into the future

23 FEBRUARY 2017 Intensive Care Research New models of care Last night Peak 15 held their first meetup for 2017 at the Alfred Medical Education and Research Precinct. The topic was The Bits ‘n’ Bytes of IntensiveCare: Data That Matters! The first speaker was David...

HealthXL Melbourne conference 2016

A great workshop was held today at Lab 14, 700 Swanston Street Carlton. There were 11 health startups presenting their pitch, 60 odd people listening, providing advice and support. Health Delivered is a cloud-based platform that consultations with dieticians,...

Hospital errors

Inadequate nursing levels in private clinics

1 MAY, 2014 Surgeons who own clinics they operate in Day surgeries with high turn over Children and anaesthetics Conflict of interest between business profits and clinical safety In an Australian private day clinic, patients were being pushed through theatre, late...

High risk, poor outcome surgery

1 MAY, 2014 Lack of honesty about end of life Profits put before patients outcomes Intensive Care death A conflict of interest between large profits from performing acute surgery and patients with end of life conditions, can lead to terrible outcomes. An elderly man...

Abuse in Nursing Homes

Abuse is more common that most people realise. Aged care training courses are paid to accept AND pass students, no matter how unsuitable they are. The health bureaucracy blocks complaints and hides information on reported errors. The victims are elderly and frail patients.

Care Track Study

Australians receive “appropriate” health care in only 57 % of medical consultations. Fragmented records, stressed staff and over servicing are linked.

Sexism in surgery

Is sexism in surgery linked to the broader issue of bullying in hospitals? And how to we support junior staff to feel safe and well supported in hospitals?

Bold voices

Roadblocks to reform

Spinning our wheels

28 SEPTEMBER, 2017 Poor Return On Investment Excessive hype A broken funding system 'Digital health tech is dead' announced Rob Coppedge, CEO of Echo Health Ventures in a post on the 6th September 2017. Rob has more than 20 years of experience in health care venture...

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