Health industry problems,

startup solutions

The final pitches

11 AUGUST, 2017 Neuro rehab using Virtual Reality From Germany to Australia with Intensive Care Giving Carers a Voice The final participants of the Melbourne Health Accelerator Program winter program, are those who's end customer is ultimately the patient or their...

Duplex and Adyuvo

19 JULY, 2017 Ultra Violet light Robots Home monitoring Patient driven care The winter Melbourne Health Accelerator program is over half way through it's Winter curriculum. The pitches are much more focused and clear about who the customer is, and what the product can...

‘Take this app’

27 JUNE, 2017 Digital diagnosis Clinical validation Commercialisation As part of Melbourne Health Research week, the event 'Take this app and call me in the morning: The future of digital health technology prescribing' was held in the function centre of the Royal...

Abuse in Nursing Homes

Abuse is more common that most people realise. Aged care training courses are paid to accept AND pass students, no matter how unsuitable they are. The health bureaucracy blocks complaints and hides information on reported errors. The victims are elderly and frail patients.

Big data

The health industries problems relate to poor use of technology. Pharmacy departments in some public hospitals still run on DOS.

Greek tragedy

Governments and private insurers are struggling with hospitals. These powerful institutions are driving up costs while resisting transparency and reform.

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