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Statistics indicating major trends

  • Percent of patients who received inpatient rehabilitation, after a stroke – Canadian study 16%
  • Percent of stroke patients who received out-patient rehabilitation after a stroke – Australian study 34%
  • What percent of the factors that influence a person’s health, are related to access to health care? 20%
  • What percent of the factors that impact on people’s health are due to social issues like homelessness, drug addiction and poverty? 80%
  • What percent of people with type 2 diabetes are over weight? 85%
  • What percent of obesity was found to be is responsible for hypertension in men? 78%

A brief summary

Major problems to avoid


  • The 80/20 rule applies in healthcare. 20% of health problems relate to the availability of health services. 80% relate to basic living issues like homelessness, poor diet, drug and alcohol addictions. Yet funding for allied health and community services remains a low priority.
  • Continuing to fund acute, hospital-based health services to treat preventable disease, rather than funding community based lifestyle management programs, is unsustainable.

Positive things to seek out


  • As hospital funding slowly moves from ‘fee for service’ to ‘payment for outcomes’, hospitals are beginning to changing their practices.
  • As health services shift to consumer style services, people can now use teleconferencing to communicate with health professionals and book home carers themselves.

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