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Statistics indicating major trends

  • What percent of Australians have stated they would like to die peacefully, at home? 70%
  • Approximately what percent of Australians actually die painful and undignified deaths in hospitals? 55%
  • What percent of patients over the age of 60 were found to still suffer some cognitive deficits one year after a general anaesthetic? – French study 76%
  • In a study of Australian hospital patients, what percent had not documented their end of life wishes, until 3 days before they actually died? 77%
  • What percent of total health funding in Australia is paid directly by individuals – co pays, or out of pocket costs? 20%

A brief summary

Major problems to avoid


  • Avoiding dying in an Intensive Care Unit, having painful and futile medical treatments, is a number one priority for elderly people.
  • Reducing the risks of getting dementia, and suffering the loss of independence and dignity that it brings, is another.
  • For profit nursing homes, sub-standard nursing staff and cover ups of abuse, is another.

Positive things to seek out


  • Public debate about mistreatment of elderly people is rising, and the private nursing home sector is now facing public ratings like any other business.
  • Brave individuals including Doctors, are lobbying for laws that make it a crime to help someone die in peace, to be changed.
  • Affordable robots, the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence are bringing accurate home monitoring, keeping elderly people in touch with family and staying independent for much longer.
  • Innovative concepts like students living with elderly people for free board, in return for part-time carers work, offer a win-win for both the young and the elderly.

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