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I’m Delia Scales, the founder of Wikihospitals.

After working in the health industry for years as a Registered Nurse, I experienced poor quality and over priced medical treatment. After my complaints and suggestions for reform were dismissed or treated as a threat, I decided to start a movement bringing transparency to Australia’s old fashion and secretive health industry.

People in Britain can quickly access detailed information on their public hospitals performances from the Dr Foster website. American Doctors contribute to a yearly report on their private hospitals, including whether they would refer a patient their services. Across the Western world, hospital errors, over servicing and financial waste is being openly debated.

Australians are left with an over-paid and unaccountable bureaucracy, a maze of red tape, multiple departments that don’t coordinate any data and private doctors who can earn up to six times their public wage in private practice while refusing to allow their prices or error rates to be made public.

Bad things only continue to happen in a society, while people continue to tolerate them.

The name Wikihospitals was inspired by the whistleblowing site Wikileaks by the Australian Julian Assange, and Wikipedia the open-source on-line encyclopaedia  created by American Jimmy Wales.

The philosophy of this site is transparency, community education and reform.

Wikihospitals is entirely self funded and dependent on small private and sporadic donations.

My apologies for technical glitches or inaccurate data that occur from time to time. If you have any issues please get in contact here and I will do my best to rectify them.

My personal story is available on the ABC’s Health Report, titled Cancer Treatment in the Private Sector.


Cancer Treatment in the Private Sector

by Norman Swan | The Health Report

The ultimate aim of Wikihospitals is to raise money for a platform that allows people to shop for international health care services, in the same way they do for music, books, cars or loans.

It is my opinion that is is simply cheaper, safer and easier for most people, to step outside mainstream health care systems and simply shop around for the best treatments when you need it. Many doctors and nurses would be delighted to step outside the Byzantine world of insurance and government regulations, and simply take cash.

Both sides of the hospital bed, patients and clinical staff, have very similar problems. A tsunami of elderly people with chronic health problems ending up in overcrowded Emergency Departments, while the community healthcare they need is starved for funds. Useless and excessive treatments are well funded, while coordinated and long term care is not funded at all. Governments threaten with fines and lawyers threaten with law suits. This just frightens off the caring and leaves bad staff to continue harming patients. Antiquated clinical practices that belong to the middle ages abound, while modern and effective technology is being routinely stonewalled.

I believe we could all benefit from similar solutions; transparency, cutting out the middle man and a pay as you go system.

In April 2018 Barry Nguyen became a co founder of Wikihospitals. Barry is an experienced physiotherapist, a highly regarded tech entrepreneur and a co-founder and CEO of Phyto, Inc. a startup which recommends curated health products and services to doctors and their patients. He brings extensive business experience and a working knowledge of the health industry.

P O Box 3152 Dendy, 3186, Victoria, Australia. 

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