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Our offer to Patients: an information platform to raise awareness of common errors and new, safer technologies, before undergoing treatments. Consultation services for patients in need of independent advice.

Our offer to Startups: a platform for HealthTech startups to promote their services in Australia. Consultation services for startups seeking advice about current problems in healthcare and how they might be solved.


Problems we Address

Health Facilities Unaware Of Their Error Risks

Using outdated technology systems like DOS that is incompatible with any modern software, leaving hospital departments unable to communicate with each other. Not updating messaging systems, leaving staff trying to communicate with each other using 40 year old pager technology. Allowing the use of paper drug charts, when medication errors are such a dangerous problem.  More information

Governments, Insurers and Patients Unaware of Unnecessary Costs

Leaving patients to languish in expensive hospital beds for weeks, while denying funding for technology-based rehabilitation that could improve their recovery rates. Allowing expensive surgical treatments to be done that have little clinical value, while blocking innovative home services that successfully deliver acute medical services at a fraction of the cost. Refusing to implement national bed management software that can give real time updates, then allowing Emergency Department waiting times to blow out, leading to hefty fines.  – Learn more

Patients Unaware They Are Receiving Outdated Treatments

People with type 1 diabetes never told about smart devices and apps with algorithms that are able to predict and prevent life threatening conditions like hypoglycaemia. People with cancer never told that unsafe doses of chemotherapy are being given using paper drugs charts in some hospitals, while specially designed software to prevent this happening is used in other hospitals nearby.  – Learn more

Self reliance

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Childhood deaths that might have been prevented

10 JUNE, 2018 Unnecessary deaths Suppressed technology Parents kept in the dark When children are born, parents don't foresee spending their nights waking up every two hours, to prick their child's finger and test their blood sugar levels. Or face the terrifying...

Staying engaged with Physitrack

30 MAY, 2018 Video exercise programs Tele health communications Smart device tracking Delia: I would like to introduce Marijn Kortekaas, the general manager for Physitrack. It's a platform that promotes four key areas, which is fitness, exercises, fitness tracking,...

Making Lyfe easier for Doctors

28 MARCH, 2016 One step payment systems Automated appointment reminders No more 'no shows' from customers Delia: Dallas Mayne, welcome to Wikihospitals. Dallas: Oh, thank you. Delia: To introduce you, Dallas, you're the CEO and co-founder of Lyfe Group. You run an...

Vale Sally Crossing

This article is a tribute to Sally Crossing. She was a tireless advocate for cancer patients, and lobbied for greater accountability of the health industry.

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