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Why do we need health reform?



What percent of the Western health budget is considered to be wasted on unnecessary costs?

Think excessive bureaucrates, unnecessary tests and treatments, and a fragmented system that does not compare and monitor costs.


How much money does this actually involve?

Take Australia for example, with an annual health budget of 150 billion a year (and rising).

$ billion dollars a year

What is the estimated amount of the Australian national budget that will be spent on healthcare by 2040?

Australia currently spends 25% of the budget on healthcare, and it this amount rises every year.


What is the estimated amount of Gross Domestic Product that will be spent on healthcare by 2060?

Health funding is current 6% of GPD across Western Nations.

% of GDP

How accurate and safe are the medical treatments that patients are currently receiving?

Considering the amount of money being spent on healthcare.

Medical error—the third leading cause of death in the US

by Martin Makary and Michael Daniel | British Medical Journal

Featured blog posts

How to stand up to a Government Health Department – and win

15 FEBRUARY, 2018 Political promises Bureaucratic bungling Families fighting back The Phillips family are fighters. And winners. Indy was born with Rett's syndrome, a cruel genetic disease that can cause physical deformities, seizures and life threatening cardiac...

Donald McPhail interview

13 NOVEMBER, 2017 A technology bridge Solving every day problems Booking and payment platforms Wikihospitals - Donald McPhail, thank you for joining us. We're here today to talk about several health start-ups, including Becon Health and...

Interview with David Lester

10 AUGUST, 2017 Inaccurate diagnostic tools Lack of epilepsy specialists Portable, accurate diagnosis and monitoring technology Wikihospitals - Today I'm introducing David Lester from NIESM, an Australian entrepreneur. David, welcome to Wikihospitals.  David, perhaps...

Interview with Kunal Kalro

12 NOVEMBER, 2017 Genetic testing Big data Variations across different races Wikihospitals: I'd like to introduce Kunal Kalro, co-founder of Eugene and serial founder of many other start-ups, and also repeated Entrepreneur in Residence. Kunal, welcome to...

Spinning our wheels

28 SEPTEMBER, 2017 Poor Return On Investment Excessive hype A broken funding system 'Digital health tech is dead' announced Rob Coppedge, CEO of Echo Health Ventures in a post on the 6th September 2017. Rob has more than 20 years of experience in health care venture...

Paul Rylance from JKM Care Solutions

21 JULY, 2017 Emergency Departments Bed management Health startups I'd like to introduce Paul Rylands from JKM care solutions.  Paul, you've developed a wonderful tool to help doctors give their patients the care that they need to help hospitals manage their workload...

Abuse in Nursing Homes

Abuse is more common that most people realise. Aged care training courses are paid to accept AND pass students, no matter how unsuitable they are. The health bureaucracy blocks complaints and hides information on reported errors. The victims are elderly and frail patients.

Health Delivered shows the future of health software

Health Delivered shows the future of health software When Pete Saunders finished his Masters of Visual Communications and Graphics Arts at the University of Tasmania in 2010, he didn’t realise it would lead him to forming a health...

Vale Sally Crossing

This article is a tribute to Sally Crossing. She was a tireless advocate for cancer patients, and lobbied for greater accountability of the health industry.


Barry Nguyen Phyto
Barry Nguyen

“Delia has done an exceptional job at collecting an up to date database of emerging health startups globally. A nurse by profession and an active member of the global digital health startup community, she ensures the curation of the database is appropriate and useful for entrepreneurs, investors, clinicians and patients. She is a respected public health thought leader on social networks, which further reinforces her credibility.”

“I have known Delia Scales for over two years now and Delia is doing some outstanding work for the health care community. With her background as an acute care nurse she has the insights, knowledge and experience to share her knowledge and expertise with healthcare consumers on her Wikihospitals blog.”

“Delia’s Wikihospitals blog is a wake-up call for the health care industry to cut the wastage and start engaging with local solutions.”

“I have known Delia Scales through her terrific site Wikihospitals for several years and we share similar ideas about health startups.”

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