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Traditional health services are not working, either for patients or Doctors.

Patients face high errors rates, hidden out of pocket costs and a fragmented system.

Doctors face 3rd party payment systems that punishes high quality work, belittles the Doctor patient relationships and reduce healthcare to a ‘tick and flick’ process.

Both sides of the hospital bed are handcuffed by antiquated technology and an autocratic bureaucracy.

It’s time for a change.

Payment methods

Our solution

For patients (or health consumers), buy the latest technology direct from a myriad of small companies, to manage your chronic health conditions and stay independent.

Subscribe to concierge medical and dental clinics to get the personalised care you need, to stay out of hospitals. When you do need surgery, shop on-line direct from local and international hospitals, comparing prices and reviews.

For Doctors and health professionals, manage your practice with smart pager software, on-line platforms and automated billing systems. Keep in touch with your patients with targeted follow ups and personalised education.

Step outside government and insurance health plans. Be in charge of your own destiny.

Medical tourism

An example of health technology services, sorted into medical specialties



Management, infrastructure

Diagnostic services

Emergency departments

Medical services

Aged care

Research and development

A snapshot of health waste and errors, in the current system



What percent of the Western health budget is considered to be wasted on unnecessary costs?

Think excessive bureaucrates, unnecessary tests and treatments, and a fragmented system that does not compare and monitor costs.

0 %

How much money does this actually involve?

Take Australia for example, with an annual health budget of 150 billion a year (and rising).

$0 billion dollars a year

What is the estimated amount of the Australian national budget that will be spent on healthcare by 2040?

Australia currently spends 25% of the budget on healthcare, and it this amount rises every year.


What is the estimated amount of Gross Domestic Product that will be spent on healthcare by 2060?

Health funding is current 6% of GPD across Western Nations.

0% of GDP

Blog posts of patients talking about their experiences



Making Lyfe easier for Doctors

28 MARCH, 2016 One step payment systems Automated appointment reminders No more 'no shows' from customers Delia: Dallas Mayne, welcome to Wikihospitals. Dallas: Oh, thank you. Delia: To introduce you, Dallas, you're the CEO and co-founder of Lyfe Group. You run an...

Who cares for the Carers?

1 SEPTEMBER, 2017 Caring for the Carers Sharing wisdom Supporting families Delia: I’d like to introduce Martina Clark, the founder of Carers Couch. Martina, welcome. Martina: Hi, Delia. How are you? Delia: I’m very well. Can you tell me a little bit about your work...

From international genetic research, with love

18 APRIL, 2018 Big data Millions of variables Sick children At the Melbourne healthXL day, held at the Royal Children's Hospital on the 22nd February 2018, the second session was titled Precision Medicine and Genomics - how can we improve population health using...

How to stand up to a Government Health Department – and win

15 FEBRUARY, 2018 Political promises Bureaucratic bungling Families fighting back The Phillips family are fighters. And winners. Indy was born with Rett's syndrome, a cruel genetic disease that can cause physical deformities, seizures and life threatening cardiac...

Abuse in Nursing Homes

Abuse is more common that most people realise. Aged care training courses are paid to accept AND pass students, no matter how unsuitable they are. The health bureaucracy blocks complaints and hides information on reported errors. The victims are elderly and frail patients.

Vale Sally Crossing

This article is a tribute to Sally Crossing. She was a tireless advocate for cancer patients, and lobbied for greater accountability of the health industry.


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Cheaper to get on a plane and have Medical Tourism. https://t.co/zR2sE05BtU

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