Wikihospitals offers you unique information about Medical Errors and Startup Solutions. The aim is to give you insight into the kind of problems you may encounter when undergoing medical treatments.

At present startups are categories by country of origin. They will soon be searchable by area of Medical Specialty, Disease treated and other fields.

Health care doesn’t need to be expensive, hospital-centric or error prone. A new generation of health services can offer you low-cost, home-based and tech-savvy services.

The public does not receive adequate information about the type of errors that frequently occur in the health  industry, what to watch out for or how to reduce their risks.

Health Startups are a new type of company that is only known about among ‘tech savvy’ circles. They can save people money, give them accurate data and reduce their risks of unnecessary errors.

Wikihospitals is dedicated to transparency, modernisation and reform.


Wikihospitals publishes a range of media. Below are an example of some videos.

Anterior Hip Replacements – 25% of American patients now have a hip replacement as a day procedure. Cheaper, less invasive, faster recovery period.

An algorithm that can help people predict and manage their future blood sugar levels, originally designed for a child with type 1 diabetes. Now used successfully around the world.

Genetic testing and data analysis to help people predict their future risks of cancer and assess which treatments may be more sucesssful.

Intensive Care at Home, taking long-term ventilator patients home, a successful model in Europe, now coming to Australia and America.

So you think private health insurance will help you? A behind the scenes exposure of unqualified nurses and unaccountable doctors.




What Australian health startup founders are saying about Wikihospitals

Dr Grant Blashki
Dr Grant Blashki

Dr Grant Blashki| Family Doctor Expert

“I have known Delia Scales through her terrific site Wikihospitals for over 2 years and we share similar ideas about health startups.”


Patrik Hutzel
Patrik Hutzel


“I have known Delia Scales for over two years now and Delia is doing some outstanding work for the health care community. With her background as an acute care nurse she has the insights, knowledge and experience to share her knowledge and expertise with healthcare consumers on her Wikihospitals blog.”

Simon Carter - Predict BGL
Simon Carter

Simon Carter | Predictbgl

“Delia’s Wikihospitals blog is a wake-up call for the health care industry to cut the wastage and start engaging with local solutions.”


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